I was busy with my chores when this mesmerizing art of the sky created by nature enthralled me, and I paused for a couple of minutes to appreciate its beauty and find peace in it. And at the very next moment, it was on my Instagram wall, etched there forever. I saw twenty such similar posts that day. This made me realize what gives us the utmost satisfaction is nature. Nothing is as peaceful as looking at the vibrant colors and patterns, listening to the soothing voices, feeling the softest materials, smelling the pleasant fragrances, and savoring the delicious edibles.

Along with the evolution of mankind, there has been an exponential growth in technology, food, and fashion. We are too busy in helping ourselves to grow to explore the evolving world around us. But in this process, are we giving enough time to ourselves? It is so ironic to say that technology has distanced us from ourselves. Video calls have allowed us to connect with our dear ones miles apart but have also made us lazy enough to plan meetups with them.

What is also growing is the pain and suffering in the world. The borders that we have created between various continents, countries, states, and communities have increased the number of issues in the political as well as social context. The urge to become supreme has instilled the trait of selfishness in humans, and this is dangerous. It is high time that we take a foot ahead to curb all the wrong events in the world and make it a better place.

Coming back to the suffering, we are no one to categorize the degree of an individual’s pain. Each one of us is struggling. Some are fighting poor physical health while some are just battling against poor mental health. Did you see that? Yes, Mental Health is not given priority and not even considered to be an issue. A person suffering from anxiety or depression is just told not to overthink. We would have been a happier race if we could share our problems and get them resolved.

The most important aspect which distinguishes us from other living beings is that we can talk. We can share our concerns and feel better. But we are so afraid of the incoming criticism that we do not even try to explain our pain. Extremely talented individuals with peppy personalities who have grown from scratch have taken extreme steps just because nobody could offer an ear to them.

“Happiest faces hide the deepest sorrows.” Some of us can vent out our sorrows by sharing. However, not all of us are open enough to share our problems with anyone or everyone. But I think we should at least try doing so. Sometimes, we get so influenced by the depraved mouths of society that we stop thinking about those who love us and care for us. We take our family and friends for granted. There are millions of people who do not have any friends or family, but they are grateful enough for the one life that they have received. They are out there trying to eradicate this suffering of the human race and setting examples in the run. Getting motivated by them is the least we can do to appreciate their struggles.

The more optimistic we are, the more people around us will stay positive. Let us speak and listen to each other’s sorrows and come out of them together. Because what nature has taught me is that there are beautiful sunsets, dark nights, and then beautiful mornings again!


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